Those two things are:
1: People! This is about spending time together: having fun, playing games, getting to know each other, and…
2: The Word: It’s about looking at the Bible together, exploring what it has to say and getting to know its stories and characters, remembering that this isn’t just any old book, but God’s living word.

Who is POW for? POW is for anyone in the High School age bracket.

This is what a few of our regulars had to say about POW:

“We learn the Bible the fun way whilst playing games and making movies. It’s really fun.”

“POW is an amazing group that you come to at the end of the week to see amazing friends and learn about our amazing God!”
“POW is a good way to make new friends while learning more about God in a safe, welcoming environment.”
“You should come to POW because you make friends, have fun and learn about the Bible in an active and friendly way. #GotoPOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So if you’re a secondary school attender, want to have some fun with a group of people your age and learn more about God’s word – POW might just be the thing for you.


All High Schoolers Welcome
Venue: The Church hall
Time: 7.30 – 9.00pm (Term-time)

POW Fridays is our dedicated is our weekly youth group meeting at GBC. We meet together and alternate fortnightly between games/social nights and Bible Study nights. So one week will be just games and activities, the next will be Bible Study in Mark’s gospel, then back to games the next week and so on…

POW Fridays is a great opportunity for anyone in secondary school to come and spend time hanging out with other young Christians who are eager to spend time together and grow in their knowledge of the Bible. We share our lives, get to know the Bible better, and have a lot of fun!


All High Schoolers Welcome
Venue: The Church hall
Time: 9.30a – 10.15am (Term-time)

POW, or “People of the Word” to give it its full title, is an opportunity for teenagers (anyone of high school age) to meet together and look at God’s word before the Sunday morning service. We play a few short games, enjoy a breakfasty treat, and think a little about the passage for the upcoming sermon, identifying key messages and challenging themes.