(VENUE: Gunnersbury Baptist Church, W4 4BE from 29th January 2023)

10.30am, SUNDAY 12 Feb 2023

With creche and Sunday School
Speaker Tim Manson on Mark

6.30pm, SUNDAY 12 Feb 2023

Speaker Michael Williams on Ecclesiastes)
We are now back!

For 2022 and until 29th January 2023, all our meetings were off-site while we carried out major renovations.

We are extremely grateful to two local churches for enabling us to use their buildings during that time.


This is a church full of sinners, so you’ll fit right in!  Come and find out why the world is as it is and why we are as we are.  God has spoken to us very clearly.  His message to us contains some pretty devastating news, but it doesn’t stop there…


We’re not just about Sundays.  All sorts of things take place during the week.  They vary in what they do but everything has the good news of Jesus at its heart.



You’ll find a lot of information by looking around our website.  Please feel free to get in touch (see the ‘connect’ page) or, best of all, come and meet us in person at one of our Sunday services.