We place a high priority on supporting the gospel around the world. Our global Mission Partners are those with whom we are have made particular commitments, but there are many others who we have links with:

Global Mission Partners

Mark & Gill Newham have been on the mission field since 1993, when God called them to work amongst the Mongolian people. They have been Mission Partners with us since 2012, and returned to the UK in 2023 to pursue other mission work.
James & Julia McMaster felt called to minister in Mayo, Eire and serve at Calvary Church, Westport. They have been mission partners with us since 2019.
– Paul & Yuli Thompson have been on the mission field since 2023, serving in Malaysia where Paul is head of a teaching faculty.

Other Mission Contacts

– Pamela & Given Alves who run a Christian school in Brazil.

– Richard and Barbara Davies, work in a large French city amongst immigrants from islands in the Indian Ocean.

– Heather, working amongst French-speaking
peoples of Indian Ocean islands

– Stephen & Maggie Norton who run the Glen Lorne Fellowship in Zimbabwe.

– Samuel & Catherine Sesay, seeking to bring the gospel
to the rural areas of Sierra Leone.

– Robert & Jennifer Thiel, Robert has recently taken up
the role of AIM International Director.

– Dorothy Elford, renovating a house in western
Romania to serve as a Christian hospitality centre.

– Sanga Sanga centre, a major retreat and training resource for
the church in Tanzania, with AIM.

– Calvary Mission, a church planting initiative in the west of
Ireland, with UFM.

– Arab Focus Media, who produce media for broadcast
in the Arab world, with UFM.