MORNING (10.30 am) 19.11.2017

John 4.43-54

Preacher: Paul Thompson

EVENING (6.30pm) 19.11.2017

Church Priorities: Loving God's Church

Preacher: Tim Manson


Stories. We all love them. Especially stories of real people with a tale to tell. These four guests are coming to your area in October. In some cases they are known in their field, but basically they are ordinary people with a story of meeting someone extraordinary, someone who has changed their lives and defines who they are. At each event we’ll be hearing too of that person, Jesus, and how on earth he could be relevant today.

10th – 15th October 2017

Welcome to Gunnersbury! We are a Bible-believing church in Chiswick, West London. We believe that God has spoken to us through his Son Jesus and that this is the most important message for West London and the world. Because this is good news for everyone, and because church is a family, you’ll find something here for all ages.


We’re not just about Sundays.  All sort of things take place during the week.  They vary in what they do but everything has the good news of Jesus at their heart.


You’ll find a lot of information by looking around our website.  Please feel free to get in touch (see the ‘contact us’ page) or, best of all, come and meet us in person at one of our Sunday services.


Have a look at the people who help to lead Gunnersbury.  Of course the team in a church is everyone, but it can be useful to be aware of certain people and what their roles are.


We all need a smaller scale context in which to get to know each other and grow in discipleship. Click here for details of our Discipleship Groups and others.


A central part of Gunnersbury is our Bible teaching. We want it to be accessible, Bible-centred, and with the expectation that our hearts would be changed. You can access old and new Sunday sermons here.


A reading Christian is a growing Christian, as long as you’re reading good stuff! Here you’ll find reading related to our Sunday teaching series, along with a range of other good resources.