Sunday 10.30am service

The Acts


If you think that Jesus’ ascension means that we’ve seen the last of him, think again.  The book of Acts records what Jesus continued to do (see Acts 1.1) through his followers.  On Sunday mornings we are asking what it means to be his followers today in the knowledge that through his word and his Spirit, Jesus is still at work: speaking his word, convicting hearts, rescuing sinners, and holding out the offer of life to a dying world.



Sunday Evening 6.30pm

‘You will be my Witnesses’


Jesus’ closing words to his disciples includes a very clear message about their role: they were to be witnesses to the whole world about Jesus (see Luke 24.48 & Acts 1.8).  Not everyone is an Evangelist or Apostle, but all Christians are to be witnesses for Christ and on Sunday evenings we are helping each other step more and more into that role as Christ would have us do.